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The World of TIO2

The Rakem Group would like to welcome you to the world of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). TiO2 is an inorganic material that is widely used in the paints and coatings industry as a high quality pigment and opacifier. In fact, TiO2 is used in a huge range of applications, including cosmetics, plastics, construction and paper.

Why use TiO2?
Of all of the known white pigments, none are whiter or brighter than TiO2. TiO2 also produces coatings with very high opacity (hiding power), meaning that coatings based on TiO2 can be applied in thinner or even potentially single coats. In specific coatings formulations, TiO2 can be used as a photocatalyst to decompose environmental pollutants. TiO2 is a multifunctional raw material in a wide range of applications.
Can TiO2 be replaced?
No. There is no complete replacement for TiO2 in coatings, but there are a range of products which can be used to partially replace (or extend) the TiO2. These partial replacement raw materials (functional extenders/fillers) can be used to lower formulation costs or bring additional properties to an end-coating formulation.
TiO2 Optimisation
In actual fact, if TiO2 was used in a white paint without the addition of functional fillers/extenders then the resulting paint would not be an effective, efficient, economical or practical use of the TiO2. Using the correct package of functional fillers/extenders can optimally space the TiO2 particles within a coating formulation. By combining the TiO2 with the correct size filler particles at the correct dosage, industries can obtain optimum TiO2 pigment hiding power and whiteness. Depending on PVC and other factors, generally 0.3µm – 0.9µm filler particles can optimally space TiO2 particles and give improved opacity and whiteness.

The Rakem Group are able to supply a full suite of functional extender/fillers.
Synthetic Barium Sulphate
Natural Barium Sulphate
Calcined Clays
High Purity Ground Calcium Carbonate
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate
Synthetic Zinc Sulphide
Orgawhite 2000 (Opacifying Polymer)
The Orgawhite 2000 opacifying polymer is an excellent additional product in the TiO2 optimisation armoury. The Orgawhite 2000 opaque polymer has a specifically created hollow-sphere structure, which provides a controlled and consistent level of air void hiding in paint through the refractive index differential between the internal air void and the outer polymer shell.
With over 25 years of supplying TiO2 to a wide range of industries, including coatings, inks and plastics, Rakem Group is ideally placed to support your TiO2 needs. Contact for more information on the range of TiO2 and functional extenders/fillers that we have available. Please visit The Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association if you would like more information about the uses of TiO2.