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Meet Tyler

Our Marketing Assistant

During a trip to the Millgate shopping centre, Tyler’s dad Matt spotted an advert for a Marketing Apprentice at the Rakem Group. Tyler had previously worked in social media marketing for a company in Oldham so the role looked to be a great fit.

Like a good dad, Matt encouraged Tyler to apply for the role. That was back in October 2020 and Tyler hasn’t looked back since.

The life of a Marketing Assistant

As a small business, every employee needs to make an impact at the Rakem Group. Tyler does this by carrying out a wide range of marketing jobs with a focus on internal communications. One day she could be designing an advertising panel for a door, the next she could be arranging a charity visit in support of the group’s community support goals.

“I really love the creative aspect of my job, like making design choices and creating newsletters and posters.”

– Tyler Wilson, Marketing Assistant, the Rakem Group

Continual development

“College wasn’t for me so I did an apprenticeship course after finishing school which led to my first social media job,” says Tyler. “Now Rakem is supporting me to complete an 18 month online Marketing Executive course.” To help her balance her work, life and studies, Tyler can study from home five days each month. Making it possible for her to do it all.

When Tyler first joined the business, Rakem Group supported her with lots of marketing-related training with courses through Adobe, InDesign and Google Garage. But it doesn’t stop there as Tyler also receives internal Rakem Group training to give her insight into different business areas.

Tyler says: “All the training I’ve received has been really interesting. Even on topics I’m not involved in, like paint making. All the sessions help me better understand the business and the products and services we provide.”

“I was 19 when I started. Although we’ve got a big mix of ages, everyone made me feel really welcome and comfortable.”

– Tyler Wilson, Marketing Assistant, the Rakem Group

The Rakem Group culture

“Most companies care more about their profit than their people but it’s not like that here”, says Tyler. “Kieran treats us like his family and we have a lot of fun too.”

This includes company funded bowling trips and team lunches provided by different food trucks that come to site once a month. The business also donates money to a different charity which is chosen by the group’s employees each month.

“My Mum runs a charity in Haywood,” says Tyler. “It provides art and cooking classes to the elderly. I nominated her charity and we donated some money which was used to build a community vegetable garden.”

It’s this kind of support that shows how Rakem Group lives its values of fun, family and friendly by supporting colleagues, their families and the local community.

Other aspects of the Rakem Group culture, like the early Friday finishes, mean Tyler can get out and socialise – an important part of life for any 20 something. Tyler also values the benefits provided by the group, like the employee assistance programme which includes counselling support and the on-site massages and health checks.

What’s next for Tyler?

With so much career development support on offer at the Rakem Group, Tyler is ready to take her career to the next level by trying her hand at a wide range of marketing activities. If Tyler needs more insight to carry out a particular project, her manager sets up the relevant training or provides coaching and support.

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