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Business Safety Week

The Rakem Group believes safety is at the heart of everything we do. As we observe Business Safety Week, we take this moment to emphasise the importance of fire safety in the workplace.

Business Safety Week serves as a vital opportunity for us, along with NFCC and Fire and Rescue Services, to raise awareness among small and medium-sized businesses about their fire safety responsibilities. We understand that creating a secure and protected working environment is crucial for the well-being of our employees and the continuity of our operations. With safety as our priority, we actively provide our teams with comprehensive fire safety training and ensure that they are equipped to handle any emergency situation. We believe that preparedness is the key to preventing and mitigating risks.

Not only during Business Safety Week, but we want all our employees to know that support and advice are available to them throughout the year. We are committed to fostering a culture of safety, where every team member feels confident in promoting a secure workplace.

As we commemorate Business Safety Week, let’s continue to prioritise safety, champion a proactive approach to fire prevention, and create a work environment where everyone feels safe and protected. Together, we build a stronger, safer workplace for all.