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Bury Hospice Fundraiser

We had an absolutely fantastic time attending the Bury Hospice Cocktails & Catwalk event! The event was hosted by the talented drag queen, The Real Banksie, and the wonderful Tom Gavin, Assistant Manager across their retail operations. The evening was filled with glamour, entertainment, and a showcase of stunning fashion on the catwalk.

We thoroughly enjoyed the lively atmosphere, the incredible performances by The Real Banksie, excellent live music by Rob Jones. It was a night to remember, and we were delighted to be part of such a special event supporting a worthy cause like Bury Hospice.

We sincerely hope that the event was a great success in terms of fundraising for Bury Hospice. The organisation provides vital care and support to individuals and their families during challenging times, and it is heart-warming to see the community come together to contribute to such a noble cause!

Our gratitude goes out to all the organisers, volunteers, sponsors, and attendees who made this event possible. We are confident that their efforts will help Bury Hospice continue its important work, providing compassionate care and improving the lives of those in need.